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uTorrent 3.4.2 build 32691 Stable
Internet Download Manager 6.21 Build 2 Final Retail + p ...
Mozilla Firefox 31.0 Final + Portable / 32.0 Beta 2
Daum PotPlayer 1.6.48576 Stable + x64 + 7sh3 / 1.6.4920 ...
CCleaner 4.16 + Portable + Slim / CCEnhancer 4.0
AIDA64 Extreme Edition 4.60.3100 + Portable + keygen
Adobe Flash Player Beta / Final / ...
K-Lite Codec Pack Update 10.6.3 / 10.6.0 Standart + Meg ...
AIMP 3.55 Build 1355 Final + Portable new
Skype + Portable

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  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Plex Media Server (18)
    Добавлена версия - списка изменений нет
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: AutoShut 3.0.8 / AutoShutter (22)
    Изменения в версии 3.0.8

    Added additional time presets
    Enhancement on Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    Extended the quick execution menu for easy implementation...
    Fixed bugs in Scheduler
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: LazPaint 6.0 (8)
    Добавлена версия 6.0 - списка изменений нет
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: 3D Youtube Downloader 1.0.20 (9)
    Изменения в версии 1.0.20

    search on Youtube within the program
    added Slovak translation
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Greasemonkey 2.1 Final / 2.2 B ... (43)
    Добавлена версия 2.2 Beta 1 - списка нет
  • Автор: fich
    В теме: Балаболка + Portabl ... (489)
    Эх, как-то не задумывался ab .
    - Думаю - Элан TTS.
    - инсталлер (голоса Николая(12.5мБ)) при старте сетупа пишет "Acapela Telecom HQ TTS"
    Но в системе(вин7) где стоят и Алёна и Николай
    - в закладках Балаболки SAPI 4-5 - Nicolai ELAN TTS Russian
    А в системе, где один Николай(вин8)
    - в закладках Балаболки SAPI 4-5 - Nicolai Speech Cube Russian
    з.ы. И не знаю почему, но с закладкой SAPI 5, у мня дружба не срастается, то глючит, то словарь, что в Балаболке, не видит . ..сижу на SAPI 4. даже не знаю какая радость от САПИ5 меня ждёт.
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: UltraVNC v1.2.0.1 + x64 (33)
    Изменения в версии

    *service, fix error 1314, server sometimes failed to start desktop part and closed winvnc.
    *security: increase timeout after each wrong password to make brute force hacking harder
    *color correction 16bit and mirror driver*memory leak with mirror driver fixed in previous fix J
    *save setting permission fix
    *added support for new repeater with keepalive
    *tooltip buffer overrun fix, cause server to fail when sting in systray was to long
    ( multiple ethernet card. Long hostnames etc…)
  • Автор: fatal
    В теме: Internet Download Manager 6.21 ... (3606)
    переименовал но идм при запуске ругается что не хватает одного файла для нормальной работы и интеграции в браузера.
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: rebox.NET v1.9.7.5 (6)
    Изменения в версии
    fixed a possible input file parse error.
    ? added a 'no duration' check.
    ? added power save suspend|resume.
    ? added a quick fix for those with none standard DPI settings:
    ? added a DPI check and scaled down the font to prevent clipping.
    ? changed start|stop button icon.
    ? amended some timer code.
    ? removed some useless checking code in the input and output routines.
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: VidMasta 17.8 (24)
    Изменения в версии 17.8
    - Show previous episode in summary in addition to next/current episode that is already shown for TV shows
    - Fixed bug in which next episode in summary for TV shows is sometimes too far in the future
    - Fixed minor bug in which cancellation message is sometimes shown when emailing all links is cancelled
    - Added ability to reset a profile before clearing it
    - Added some tooltip messages
  • Автор: Angellikos3388
    В теме: Наркоман Павлик. 2 сезон (1-4) ... (44)
    biggrin смотреть можно... под пивко. под много пива....
  • Автор: rodion.berezov
    В теме: VLC Media Player 2.1.5 x32 + x ... (367)
    А он поддерживает 3D Blu-ray ?
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: VueMinder Calendar Ultimate 11 ... (27)
    Изменения в версии 11.2.2

    * Corrected problems sharing calendars containing events that have long descriptions. This would cause some shared calendars or events to not appear on other computers.
    * Corrected an error message in the Sharing Options stating there's a connection problem when initially configuring VueMinder to share calendars.
    * Corrected the Day view to not bounce around to different dates when an event is selected.
    * Corrected the Day view to not skip days when using the left/right navigation arrow buttons.
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Universal Media Server 3.6.4 / ... (12)
    Изменения в версии 4.0.1

    Added option InternalSubtitlesSupported to renderer configs for greater control over file compatibility
    Added option "Force external subtitles"
    Added the option "Use embedded style" to FFmpeg instead of just MEncoder
    Fixed a bug with the adaptive bitrate setting GUI
    Fixed bugs with subtitles not being loaded
    Fixed displaying the Windows-specific "prevent operating system from sleeping" option on other operating systems
    Fixed FFmpeg sometimes sending too many audio channels
    Fixed FFmpeg using a bitrate too high for audio transcoding
    Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)
    External Components:
    Updated FFmpeg to builds from 2014-07-16, which:
    Improves support for many containers and codecs
    Fixes bugs
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Calibre 1.47.0 (324)
    Изменения в версии 1.47

    New Features

    •Cover Grid: Allow user defined emblems (icons) to be displayed next to covers
    Now you can have your own custom icons displayed next to covers in the cover grid, based on simple rules you create. For example, you can display a heart icon next to books with a rating of more than four stars or a tick mark next to books you read and so on. To create these rules go to Preferences->Cover Grid and click the Emblems tab on the left.

    •E-book Viewer: Use wiktionary.org and wordnik.com as dictionary providers instead of dict.org
    Closes tickets: 1349548
    When looking up words, the word definition is now opened in a separate browser window. The language of the dictionary to lookup is automatically selected based on the language of the current book. To lookup a word in the viewer simply select the word with your mouse and right click, then choose 'Lookup in dictionary'
    •Edit Book: Allow customizing the templates used when creating new, blank HTML/CSS files via Preferences->Editor settings.
    Closes tickets: 1348986
    •Comic Input: When sorting the pages inside a comic, recognize numbers, so that page2 sorts before page10
    •Conversion: When inserting a metadata jacket, format the series number using roman numerals. This behavior can be disabled by using a custom jacket template, as described here: http://manual.calibre-ebook.com/cust...ates-et-cetera

    Bug Fixes

    •Edit Book: Fix incorrect results when running replace all on marked text and more than one replacement is made.
    Closes tickets: 1348941
    •Edit Book: Live CSS: Improve detection of which tag the cursor is inside when there are multiple tags on the same line.
    Closes tickets: 1350495
    •Edit Book: Clear the Check Book panel when opening a new book
    •Edit Book: Allow the import files into book action to be added to the toolbar
    •Edit Book: Fix subsetting of fonts not working if the text contains non-BMP unicode characters.
    Closes tickets: 1349856
    •News download: Fix HTML parser used in the news download subsystem not preserving whitespace inside <pre> tags
    Closes tickets: 1349536
    •Conversion: Do not strip underscores from classnames.
    Closes tickets: 1349442
    •Edit Book: Fix cursor positioning not working when creating a new file from a template
    •Fix a rare error that could happen when using series columns inside a custom column template
    Closes tickets: 1348937
    •E-book viewer: Handle quoted URLs inside @font-face rules

    New news sources

    Improved news sources

    •New Yorker

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Ключи для CyberGhost VPN

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Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro

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Активация Windows 8.1

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    Написал: RuFull (28 апреля 2014 21:25) Сообщение #4
    Изменения в версии 7.11.00

    TU has been updated for 7.1.x support but beware there are still some issues I’m working through for the iPhone 5S. I’ve got something screwy with the request that is going wrong but I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ll update a fix as soon as I figure what I’m doing wrong. It’s likely something stupid.
    Sorry it’s not perfect. For those devices that still can downgrade this should work. For those that we cannot downgrade yet, it still doesn’t hurt to save what we can just in case.
    Написал: RuFull (10 декабря 2013 19:27) Сообщение #3
    Изменения в версии 7.04.00

    Added iOS 7.0.4 support
    Написал: VikNick (21 сентября 2013 15:26) Сообщение #2
    Нужная программа. Но сейчас Apple сделала так что не получится откатится даже с сохраненным SHSH. Так что актуально для старых версий IOS.
    Написал: RuFull (21 сентября 2013 13:55) Сообщение #1
    Изменения в версии 7.00.00

    · Supports saving SHSH for iOS 7 and 7.0.1

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