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uTorrent 3.4.2 build 32506 Stable
Internet Download Manager 6.21 Build 1 Final Retail + p ...
Mozilla Firefox 31.0 Final + Portable / 32.0 Beta 1
Daum PotPlayer 1.6.48576 Stable + x64 + 7sh3 / 1.6.4905 ...
CCleaner 4.15 + Portable + Slim / CCEnhancer 4.0
AIDA64 Extreme Edition 4.50.3000 + Portable + keygen + ...
Adobe Flash Player Beta / Final / ...
K-Lite Codec Pack Update 10.6.3 / 10.6.0 Standart + Meg ...
AIMP 3.55 Build 1355 Final + Portable new
Skype + Business Edition + Portable new

Последние комментарии
  • Автор: vlakad
    В теме: Aiseesoft Total Video Converte ... (23)
    Aiseesoft Total Video Converter Platinum v7.1.36.0
    Лекарство от предыдущей версии.
  • Автор: Garik
    В теме: Poedit 1.6.7 / 1.6.5 Pro + pat ... (12)
    Patch (Poedit 1.6.5 Pro patch) подходит для 1.6.7
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 2. ... (13)
    Изменения в версии 2.1.2

    Dump view
    Context menu: Jump to character, raw edit all tags
    Catalan translation
    SWF header display
    Issue #595 AS3 direct edit - Getter/Setter generation - caused FlashPlayer crashes
    Issue #592 AS3 Multiname resolving in P-code causing different bytecode
    Issue #585 AS3 moving popped values to output
    Issue #578 Always on top fixed on search results
    Issue #501 GotoFrame2 fix
    Issue #616 Frames to PNG export
    Export context menu
    Issue #559 Bitmap export opacity
    Issue #401 Placeobject 3/4 fix
    Issue #593 Return object newline
    Issue #594 Setting for curly brace
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: CoolTweak 2.1.1 (1)
    Изменения в версии 2.0
    Support for flickr and 500px
    A quick sharing wizard
    Enhanced output options
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Poedit 1.6.7 / 1.6.5 Pro + pat ... (12)
    Добавлена Free версия 1.6.7 - списка изменений не встретил
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: InViewer 0.80.12 / GIF Viewer (13)
    Изменения в версии 0.80.12

    compatibility to video and audio features extended
    some bad icons fixed
    option to disable scroll wheel navigation added
    info-button function revised
    added support for mov, m4v and m4a
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: X-Proxy (99)
    Изменения в версии

    The database has been updated Hosts Shield.
    The Database Home Page Hijacker Scan has been updated
  • Автор: Feelv
    В теме: Microsoft Office 2013 Professi ... (534)
    Спасибо огромное активация прошла успешно !
    Для просмотра содержимого спойлера, перейдите к выбранному комментарию.

    Цитата: 77moroz
    Цитата: bovebkru
    Тщательнее надо ребята с ключами...
    И большое спасибо сайту!
    Что значит тщательнее? я же там дал пояснения и ссылку где ключи действующие, флудили бы вы поменьше, и не писали хз знает чего.
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbo ... (16)
    Изменения в версии 3.2.3
    This release of the Intel SSD Toolbox adds support for the Intel SSD Pro 2500 Series and other Intel SSD products. It also fixes the issue of displaying drives larger than 1TB.
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Mozilla Firefox 31.0 Final + P ... (3789)
    Изменения в версии 32.0 Beta 1
    Fixed bugs:
    Bug 1024579 - Create a sync getNetworkInformation and make getNetworkStatus use it.
    Bug 1037370 - Fix null exception for parentNode becomes null when the last token is finished.
    Bug 972826 - Reset 'src' to force releasing h264 decoder so that the cloned can play gizmo.mp4.
    Bug 1042054, add dsb to shipped-locales for fx 32.
  • Автор: georg-stalker
    В теме: IsoBuster Pro 3.3 Build 3.3.0. ... (94)
    Цитата: yusuf-amirovich
    Какой из этих версии работают без заказа ключ ?

    Все работают..

    Ни фига себе обновлений!
    А я уж думал что моей любимой проге -ничего не светит..
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: IsoBuster Pro 3.3 Build 3.3.0. ... (94)
    Изменения в версии 3.4 Beta
    IsoBuster now also provides access to logical drives (C: D: etc.) instead of only Physical drives (see options). This gives access to Windows volumes. So on a higher level, which means that drivers can translate the data first before IsoBuster gets it. This is particularly useful in case of encrypted volumes, for instance TrueCrypt mounted volumes
    Dialog for experts with a [Professional] license to work with, test and complete managed image files
    Once an IBP file is loaded, right mouse click the drive-selection control in the left corner and choose "Change or Test managed Image File Properties (Expert)"
    Count the amount of errors inside a specified range
    Change the status of an area
    Complete the image file inside a range
    Command line parameters /CI: /RANGE: /FROMTO: and /EP:NPC to complete a managed image file, inside a range or not
    Ability to create an empty IBP/IBQ file set (no actual reads executed) via /ET:E to allow investigators to complete regions via /CI: and /RANGE: or /FROMTO:
    Allow managed image files to be completed at the end with dummy data if the input drive is "*" (/D:*)
    Implemented ability to reverse read (during extraction), using a given range
    Ability to reverse read via command line parameter: /RR:[Interval]
    Detect if the Linux EXT(2-4) file system is present and show an icon for it (exploration of EXT itself is not implemented but now an investigator knows it's present)
    Detect if the Unix UFS(1-2) file system is present and show an icon for it (exploration of UFS itself is not implemented but now an investigator knows it's present)
    Detect if the Linux Reiser(1-4) file system is present and show an icon for it (exploration of Reiser itself is not implemented but now an investigator knows it's present)
    Detect if the Unix XFS(1-4) file system is present and show an icon for it (exploration of XFS itself is not implemented but now an investigator knows it's present)
    Ability to load an additional LibEWF.dll next to the already present, embedded, libewf-20130416 version. A libewf.dll and its dependables need to be put in the /plugins/ folder
    IsoBuster will now always first try to load the dynamic version (assumed to be more recent) before falling back on the embedded libewf-20130416 version. The embedded version may be removed over time to reduce the size again, we'll see
    New option that defines how strict surface scanning is and whether there should be an abort after an error

    Improved device naming if Inquiry fails
    Improved determination of HD vs USB stick/Flash etc.
    Improved user feedback while cleaning up (sanitising) NTFS so that the user has an idea about where the process is
    Create sparse files when extracting sparse files and no filters are in use for that file
    Ability to drag files to IsoBuster's TreeView, to open as image file, when IsoBuster is running in an elevated state
    Popup warning when extracting from the ISO9660 file system, when other better file systems are present
    Support for the *.image disk file format
    Show attributes for Tracks, Sessions and Partitions in ListView (instead of N/A)
    Fixed it so that HDs larger than 2 TB are seen as 2 TB instead of less, so that at least that space can be fully adressed and explored
    Rewrote the automatic skipping and retry-count reducing mechanism, during extraction of a managed image file, to perform much better
    Allow <%FN> in the filename, in case an image is extracted via the command line
    Dependency on cc3250.dll for old Win2K OS in combination with multi-language support has been removed
    You can now always choose the installation folder. Before this was dependant on previous installations
    Show the object Type, cfr. Windows, in the ListView (for instance "JPG file") and allow to sort this new column (column may be hidden by default, right mouse click the ListView columns to enable)
    Added more sort options that will be performed right after the low level file system / folder exploring is done
    Various other smaller GUI improvements

    Fixed an exception error that happened if auto-folder-scanning was interrupted by closing the application
    Fixed an issue that could cause the last part of Video not to be saved to a file, when this video was being filtered via: "Extract but filter only MPG frames"
  • Автор: TRIXI
    В теме: O&O SafeErase 7.0 Build 211 Pr ... (64)
    Лежит файл - стер и забыл, но где гарантия что он не продублирован где-нибудь ещё? Ищет другие места с таким файлом для удаления?
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: AnyDVD HD + patch (278)
    Изменения в версии
    - New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
    - New (DVD): Support for new discs
    - Some minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages
  • Автор: RuFull
    В теме: Software Informer 1.3.1105 (49)
    Добавлена версия 1.3.1105 - списка нет

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